The Bigger Picture

I was having this conversation with myself after one of the homies sent me a protest joint a couple weeks back. I said, "I wonder which one of today's artists will respond with music to reflect the times." The immediate thought was Kendrick or Cole but that's Kendrick and Cole so that wouldn't be unexpected. What I really wanted to know is if any of the young artists from the turf would step up. Someone under 30 and from the soil. Hip-hop music is the voice of the streets. The streets are our youth. It's origin is in the expression of young black and brown geniuses who emerged from the full wrath of American oppression to create American culture and identity. While some of us old heads act bitter and pass judgment, I've tried to be one who lends an ear to today's artists and understand what their current expression is telling us about the world and country we live in. At times it has been discouraging and damn near disheartening but what I am certain of is that any shortcomings of our youngins fall directly at our feet. They can't know what they weren't taught. I am 42 and a Hip-Hop lifer. My generation is basically inventing how to transition through adulthood and remain Hip-Hop. I believe Hip-Hop is our vehicle to fine tune our communication across generations. What the aftermath of George Floyd's murder has shown us is that it is time to let the young generation lead. Their time is now and our time is now to teach, advise, comfort and encourage our young leaders. Nurture and cultivate the soil that will allow our seeds to grow. On Sunday, I saw a Lil Baby clip in my newsfeed and said "This is It!" Lil Baby is exactly who we should be hearing from and the young King answered the call. May the ancestors be pleased.

and this Papoose joint just because it needs to be heard. Communication across generations. 

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