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Although we have yet to meet in person, I consider Poet Zee family. We linked several years ago via "the social meds (social media)" and have collaborated and supported each other's efforts ever since. The UK based spoken word artist, writer and curator has always impressed me with her great ear for music and keen eye for aesthetics. It makes sense that her new platform, Culture Is Free showcases both. I reached out to my friend Zee Zee to learn a little more about the platform and her transition from artist to journalist - a transition that I myself am very familiar with.
TPVTAP: Tell The People about your new platform Culture Is Free. What does "Culture Is Free" mean to you?
POET ZEE: Culture is our history, our body of knowledge, our manuscript to learn and grow from. Whether it is knowledge from an ancient tribe passed down to generations or a family’s secret recipe to cure an ailment. Culture is to be respected and communicated. To me ‘Culture is Free’ is an expression that says there is no price attached to knowledge, the good, the painful parts too. Of course, to learn is also to set culture free! 
TPVTAP: So far, you have covered an array of artists and activists. What are the messages you want to convey through Culture is Free and is there a specific theme or themes to the stories you tell and individuals you highlight? 
POET ZEE: I’ve come across so many talented people who have an important message to share. I wanted to create a platform which highlighted their talents, that focused on sincerity. In my opinion, everyone featured are very selfless artists creating for the bigger picture.  
TPVTAP: I know you as the talented spoken word artist Poet Zee. Have you always had an interest in Journalism? Are you still writing and performing and what was the motivation or inspiration behind your transition into this new space of creativity?  

POET ZEE: Thank you for the compliment! Spoken word is my first love and will always be. My passion has always been in writing, it's my way of expression openly with confidence. I believe Culture is Free is a creative mode for me right now, I’m charging my superpowers from the energy of others – I hope they don’t mind.   

TPVTAP: Taking into account everything that is happening in our world right now, why is culture important? 

POET ZEE: Culture is the fabric that weaves our stories, ancestors before us have built the foundations that have allowed us to express, progress and challenge. That’s the positive side, but culture has and will always be under attack, its raw, its strong, its real history. To me it is important to respect and absorb culture. The world and its people are vast, we can never know everything but I’m on a mission to find out as much as I can!  

Check out Culture Is Free

And here's one of my favorite works from Poet Zee...

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